Thieme’s aesthetic content available on ISAPS MedOne first - before the books are even printed. The content is constantly growing, with new books, new masters, procedures, videos and images being added.

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The ISAPS MedOne library includes

83 aesthetic surgery ebooks
A library of over 44,000 aesthetic surgery artwork and photos, fully downloadable to Powerpoint
56k images
1521 videos

1200 plastic surgery Q&As
49 Aesthetic procedures
36 Learn from the Masters presentations in which leading surgeons showcase their personal techniques in surgical videos

The most recent additions to the book library are:

Rohrich et al. 'Masters of Cosmetic Surgery—The Video Atlas: The Dallas Cosmetic Model'

Spero Theodorou; Christopher Chia 'Emerging Technologies in Face and Body Contouring'

Carniol et al. 'Complications in Minimally Invasive Facial Rejuvenation: Prevention and Management'

This is a great completely new title, published in 2020 for the first time, and should be highly appealing to residents.


From the Foreword:
"Most impressively, this has been accomplished in a textbook that is, at once, both holistic and subject specific. The young practitioner will absorb himself or herself by reading from cover to cover and, in doing so, will build a firm knowledge base to grow a successful practice in noninvasive facial aesthetics. The experienced practitioner will utilize the chapters for their specific details and nuances of demonstrated empirical wisdom. All readers will discover delightful pearls of knowledge and tips on clinical finesse to enhance their skill set and their patients’ outcomes.”

The content is avaialbe through and offline/online reading app


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